Teena Marie – Naked to the World

Released:  1988
Label: Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  I really had to fight with this one.  My scanner wanted to “fix” it so I had to re-balance the color at the scanning stage.  This is exactly what my cover looks like.  It also had a few scratches but those were easily taken care of via “cloning”.

Sleeves:  These are very wrinkled.  As you can see, I had to completely replace the white areas and then “clone” out imperfections to make it work.  I did the “color replace” right after the scan before resize as not to hurt the text.  There is some text that’s slightly misaligned but I can’t fix that.

Back cover:  This was another one I fought for.  Same color issues that I had to sort out.  Also, a few scratches that were taken out via “cloning”

Labels:  These labels were pristine.  The gradient adds minor difficulty but the spindle holes are both gone.