Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic

Released:  1981
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records








Front cover:  I decided to scan this album in much higher resolution to see if the files would upload without issue.  It takes longer but the results speak for themselves.  I’ll be doing the sleeves this way but the covers at 600 dpi from now on.  Anyway, the album is in great shape and I just did some very minor clean-up and removed one cut-out notch on the upper right-hand corner.  Easily done on all fronts.

Sleeve-front:  Slight wrinkles here and there and I couldn’t remove them without killing the text so I left them alone.  There was also a cut-out notch in the same place and I “cloned” it out.

Sleeve-back:  Same minor issues here.

Back cover:  This was somehow really nice.  Even less clean-up than the front needed.  The text is nice and clear at the higher resolution.

Labels:  These labels were pristine.  Just removed the spindle holes and that was it.