Teena Marie – Irons in the Fire

Released:  1980
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records


Front cover:  This was harder than first glance.  I didn’t realize how worn it was until I scanned it.  A lot of the black had rubbed off so this took some time to make it look really nice.  It also took some time to restore the color properly as the scanner wanted to go a different way.  All fixes were done through “cloning”.

Back cover:  This was just as hard as the cover.  Actually, it might have been harder with the glow of the lamp.  I didn’t want to compromise it or it’d look artificial.  I left all of it while trying to fix as much of the rubbing as I could.  I also had to fix the areas by the text so I replace color in patches so it’d look convincing without destroying the background.  This, too, took a lot of time.

Labels:  The labels are better but still needed work as my scanner wants them to be much redder.  All fixed in the scan stage.