Teena Marie – “Emerald City”

Released:  1986
Label:  Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  This is in great shape.  I’ve taken very good care of it somehow.  The scanner did want to add brightness so I had to decrease that considerably.  There was also a cut-out hole near her name that had to be “cloned” out.

Sleeves:  The scanner again insisted on a far deeper shade of this color so I had to fight it.  I added in some blue and dropped the contrast a bit to achieve the hue that’s really on the sleeve.  I also replaced all the color.  As I scanned this at 1200 dpi, no text was damaged.

Back cover:  No real clean-up here.  Just minor “cloning”.

Labels:  Easy labels.  Both scanned with spindle hole removal.  I even gave these a background.