Tavares – Future Bound

Released:  1977, 1978
Label:  Capitol Records


Front cover:  Cover is in really nice shape.  I only removed a few scratches and balanced the color.  The balancing of the color happened at the scan stage.

Sleeves:  Even the sleeves are nice.  I replaced the white on the 1st sleeve.  On the 2nd, I only removed a few creases.  The “Philip Harris” in the copyright notice is listed for the artwork only.  If you do, hit us up on Facebook or on our forums and tell us.  

Back cover:  Back is in great shape too.  Just removed a few creases.

Labels:  Labels are also in great shape too.  Of course, the removal of the spindle hole was slightly complicated.  I took part of the first “A” and pasted it over the whole.  Then, I “cloned” around it so it’d look complete.  Of course, I did this for both labels.  It actually didn’t take long.