Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

Released:  1976
Label:  Tamla/Motown Records


Front cover:  The cover is in very good shape despite its age.  I’m not its original owner but it was well taken care of.  Just removed a few scratches.

Gatefold-left:  Nice gatefold too.  I didn’t have to do much of anything here.  I just removed minor scratches.

Gatefold-right:  Again, only needed to remove minor scratches.

Booklet:  This opens as a PDF.  Some pages are slightly off-balance so I fixed that.  The pages have also yellowed due to age and I fixed that too.

Back cover:  Just remove scratches.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape.  I did have to re-color the LP labels as the scanner thought they should be lighter than they actually appear.  The 45 labels came out exactly the right color.