Steely Dan – Greatest Hits

Released:  1978
Label:  ABC Records


Front cover:  This entire album is in questionable condition.  I remember getting it from eBay and it was listed in “VG” condition.  It stands for “Very Good” but it’s actually NOT good at all.  As a result, this took a lot of work.  It’s very well-worn but I “cloned” all the damage out.  It took a while but it was totally worth it.

Gatefold:  This is in better shape but there was no way to believably remove the fold so I just left it as it was.  This had to be scanned in pieces and joined together.  There was some slight “cloning” to be done on Don and Walt’s pants but beyond that, this survived.

Back cover:  This is much worse than the front.  There’s a lot of ring wear and the black is well rubbed off.  I replaced the color in most places and carefully “cloned” around the copyright information at the bottom because replacing the color there would have killed the text entirely.  this took a while but it looks good now.

Sleeves:  These are in great shape so I only had to scan and resize these.  I did flip the 2nd and 4th sleeves because the openings are on the bottom rather than on the top.  Otherwise, these are very easy.

Labels:  These needed some work too.  They are well-loved.  Even the spindle holes are worn.  Much work and it took time but they look pretty good these days.