Steely Dan – Everything Must Go (German press)

Released:  2003 / Reissue:  2021
Label:  Reprise Records/Warner Music Manufacturing Europe
Reissue Label:  Reprise Records/Rhino Entertainment/Warner Music Group








Front cover:  I took very good care of this but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it.  It’s got creases all over it.  The German LP jackets are very thin and very susceptible to things like this.  I cleaned it all up but it took some time.

Sheet:  The sheet is in very good shape and virtually untouched.  It scanned really easily and I did absolutely nothing.

Back cover:  Again, creases galore but all were in the black areas so I could easily clone them out.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.

Reissue Labels:  These are essentially brand new.  They are also the only visual change from the 2003 LP, though the change is slight.  Everything else is exactly the same, though the 2021 version sports heavier vinyl.