Starship – Love Among the Cannibals

Released:  1989
Label:  RCA Records








Front cover:  This is very nice.  It has a cut-out notch that is thankfully on the upper-right side.  If it were on the left, it would have been more trouble.  Excellent otherwise.

Sleeve-front:  I had to remove the cut-out as well as some creasing from the LP.  It took a little time but it wasn’t too hard.

Sleeve-back:  The cut-out notch really got me here.  It went right through “Greg”‘s name on the top-left side.  I had to find another “Greg” and paste it over the cut-out to preserve it.  I then cloned around it so it’d disappear.  Beyond that, no worries.  If you right-click on this and select “open in new tab/window” it will open larger so you can see the lyrics more clearly.

Back cover:  The cut-out here had to be contended with but it wasn’t as hard as you might imagine.  I also had some minor creasing the same areas so I replaced the black.  Once that was done, the cut-out disappeared.  Happy accidents are great.

Labels:  Both labels are in great shape.  Just removed the spindle hole and that was it.