Scott Grimes – Scott Grimes

Released:  1989
Label:  A&M Records


Front cover:  This one decent shape as it was sealed it.  It does have a cut-out saw mark on the lower-right corner but it was fairly easily removed.  It had also likely been sealed since it was released nearly 30 years old so the bright yellow and turquoise-esque on the cover had faded. Easily restored through color replacement.

Back cover:  Same issues as the cover.  The yellow had become particularly muted here but, again, easily dealt with and non-destructive to the text.

Labels:  Very nice labels.  As is always the case, getting rid of the spindle hole was herculean (I had to start doing that, didn’t I?).  I worked harder on making these convincing as I had more time.  To be honest, I really only did it once.  I put all the work in the “B” side.  Once I scanned the “A” side, I just copied and pasted the row of records into the “A” side label and cloned around it so the lines would disappear.  There just wasn’t a need to do it twice.