Richard Simmons – Reach

Released:  1982
Label: Elektra/Asylum Records





richardsimmonsreachbookletcover copy




Front cover:  You may find this hard to believe but it turns out that finding factory-sealed copies of this album is incredibly easy.  As a result, that’s what’s presented here.  This has a cut-out notch that was removed through cloning.

Gatefold-front:  Perfect as expected.  I did have to remove the cut-out notches on the corresponding sides but that took no trouble.

Back cover:  Back is totally perfect except that here, the cut-out notch got in the way of the “Side One” and “Wake Up” lettering.  I had another copy (which I got for 50¢, if you can believe it) and I used part of that back cover to clean up the mess.

Instruction booklet:  This was perfect.  Just had to scan it all.  I scanned these at a higher resolution so the text would be clearer, though PDF conversion does what it does so it’s not as sharp as the booklet really is.  You’ve gotta check it out.  It’s a riot!

Labels:  These are in perfect shape.  Just removed the spindle hole and that’s it.