Reader’s Digest – Great Original Hits of the ’50s and ’60s

Released:  1974
Label:  Reader’s Digest/RCA Custom Records


Box cover:  This box is almost as old as I am.  It’s lived.  I’m still pretty amazed how nice this remains after all this time.  I did have to reconstruct both the purple and white borders but that wasn’t too hard.  I also removed some scratches.

Box insert:  Again, this has browned with age.  I replaced all the white areas and suddenly it’s new again!

Sleeves:  All of them had to be carefully adjusted at the scan stage as the scanner had it’s own ideas of what color each of these should be.  I did replace all of the color but they all perfectly match what I hold in my hand.  The backs of them were handled by replacing all the white areas.  I tried it on one and the text held up nicely so I did that with all of them.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape but all have slight variances so this took a long time.  Of course, all the spindle holes were replaced as well.  A difficulty I didn’t see coming was handling the records to get them on the scanner.  These labels absorb oil from the skin so I had to be very careful not to touch them while getting them to and from the scanner.  Oh, the humor.  Still, I got it done and no records were harmed in the scanning.