Quincy Jones – Back on the Block

Released:  1989
Label:  Qwest/Warner Bros. Records








Front cover:  Somehow, the color really went off-balance on my copy of this.  It’s all corrected but it took some doing.

Sleeve-front:  Sleeves are mostly in good shape.  The occasional spot had to be removed so it was done.  These sleeves are larger than they’ll appear in the box.  Just right-click on each one and select “open in new tab/window” to see them larger.

Sleeve-back:  Again, a spot or two but they’ve been removed.

Back cover:  Again, color off-balance and had to be fixed.

Labels:  LP labels are in great shape. Removing the spindle hole was quite a task. Some free-drawing was needed to make it work. Easily the most taxing part of this album.  Note that one can’t just do the work on one label and copy it over to the second one.  Both are different in texture and shade so they had to be done separately.  I think I got away with it.