Phil Collins – Hello, I Must Be Going!

Released:  1982
Label:  Atlantic Records









Front cover:  This one’s in very good shape, albeit with some wearing in the darker areas.  It does have a price sticker on it that I could remove but it would leave residue to do so.  Removing it digitally was very simple and I did so through “cloning”.

Gatefold:  The creases weren’t coming out no matter what I might do so I didn’t even try.  I don’t think they detract from the enjoyment of the gatefold at all.

Back cover:  The back is in very good shape as well.  There was some wearing in the darker areas so I cloned them out here too.  

Sleeves:  These were in decent shape but had wrinkles in them.  Thankfully, the text is so bold that using the paint bucket to remove them was really simple.  I did this on both sides.  

Labels:  These are in great shape and removing the spindle hole was pretty simple.  BTW, the handwriting thing was likely a cute idea at first but it does make the labels harder to read.  I know that’s his “thing” so who cares what I think?