Peter Brown f/ Betty Wright – “Dance with Me” b/w “For Your Love” (Peter Brown)

Released:  1978
Label:  TK Records (UK)







Front cover:  This one isn’t trashed but it’s definitely it’s age. There are hairline scratches all over it and minor scuffs throughout.  All have been cleaned and removed through color replacement and cloning.

Back cover:  Due to the fact that the text on the bottom wasn’t readable (even when it was new), it was re-typed using the exact same font for inclusion on this site.  Color replacement and cloning throughout to remove scuffs and the like.

Labels:  Thankfully, the labels are in far better shape.  The record itself is protected by a thick plastic sleeve so it survived nicely.  Just scanned and uploaded.  The spindle removal took a minute or two because of the arrow.