Released:  1977
Label:  A&M Records








Front cover:  There’s not a part of this album that didn’t take work.  We’ll start with the front. It has an adhesive blotch right through the artist name. Getting rid of that was rather painful. The solution?  Look at the back.  It’s actually the reverse of what appears on the cover.  Since that’s the case, I used the back, removed the track and similar info from the back, flipped it horizontally, and pasted “Carpenters” and “Passage” from my cover.  All fixed.  Also, “Passage” appears way too close to the bottom on mine so I had to capture it by itself and paste it into the cover in the right spot. 

Gatefold-1:  Okay, confession time.  This isn’t exactly what it seems.  Since I couldn’t capture the lyric panel on the right due to some information appearing in the crease on the gatefold, I had to grab that panel from my Japanese mini-LP.  It’s a less-than-organic approach and I tried to avoid it but I simply couldn’t.

Gatefold-2:  Everything is as it appears here.  No trickery on this side.  Mild color rebalancing and this was one was done.  I decided to leave the minor “yellowing” because it adds character.  It is it’s age, right?  Why hide it?

Back cover:  The back has already been discussed.  It was in good enough shape to use as the front.  ‘Nuff said, right?

Hype sticker:  Interesting find from “Rick-An Ordinary Fool”.  This is the color as presented but I did have to replace both it and the color of the text due to age.  Thanks again, Rick!

Labels:  The labels are in great shape but, as I’ve already been removing spindle holes, I couldn’t stop here, could I?  Surely you can see the issue I ran into.  Thankfully, I came up with a fix (all “cloning”).  It didn’t even take that long, surprisingly.  Whew!