New Edition – All For Love

Released:  1985
Label:  Jump & Shoot/MCA Records


Front cover:  I cannot lie; I KILLED this album.  As a result, I did lots of “cloning” to bring it back.  It wasn’t hard to do but it took time.  The scanner also didn’t like the yellow so I had to adjust at the scan stage to make it look like the jacket really looks.

Sleeves:  The sleeves have been well-loved and took a lot of time to clean but I did it.  The front was pretty easy to do but the lyric sheet took serious work.  I still couldn’t make it look perfect but it shouldn’t be perfect; the thing’s got 32 years of love on it…LOL!  If you right-click these sleeves and open them in a new window or tab, they open up larger and the text is nice and sharp.

Back cover:  The back was abused too so I “cloned” like crazy to make it look good again.

Fan Club insert:  This was never sent in and it’s in pretty good shape.  It lived in the jacket most of the time so it’s only got slight creasing that I easily got rid of.  Finally, something easy.  It goes without saying that the fan club no longer exists and the merch is no longer available so, while I know it’s tempting (LOL!), don’t bother printing out the insert and doing anything with it.  It’s just here to look at and that’s it.  

Labels:  The labels are in decent shape.  Removing the spindle hole has become the custom here and it’s never easy for MCA Records.