Michael Bolotin – Michael Bolotin

Released:  1975
Label:  RCA Records


Front cover:  Yes, this is Michael Bolton’s real name.  LOL!  As for the album, this was sealed when I got it.  It did have some dings for having been sealed up for almost all of my life and I took those out with some cloning.  It also has an embossed promo stamp on the right side and I decided to leave it because it’s rather unique.  I dearly love this paining.  Kudos to Donna Frione for the stunning painting.  That’s the only reason I have this album.

Back cover:  A more typical back cover design.  This had some creasing due to years being sealed but those issues were easily solved by cloning.

Labels:  These are very nice as the record has never been played.  All I did was remove the spindle hole.