MFSB – Universal Love

Released:  1975
Label:  Philadelphia International/Columbia/Epic/CBS Records


Front cover:  This cover was a mess.  For whatever reason, the color used by the plant yellowed very easily.  I have two copies of this (one with a price sticker I can’t take off…ugh) and both have this problem.  I did what I could to restore using “remove color cast” in Photoshop as well as cloning out as much brown as I could.  Some brown remains due to an inability to remove it all without totally damaging the cover.  Still, it’s a thousand percent better than it was.  I very nearly didn’t even post this and I wouldn’t have if not for the rarity of the cover itself.

Sleeve-front:  These sleeves are actually from two different copies of the record.  One is a one-sided sleeve and the other has the same information on both sides.  I decided to show them off here.  They’ll go into the sleeve gallery too shortly.

Sleeve-back:  These were both easy to work with.  White replacement saved the day on both of these since both have some wrinkle marks and browning due to age.

Back cover:  Again, the odd browning issue.  I simply couldn’t get it all using the techniques above but I did all I could.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape, though the scanner wanted both to be brighter.  Both are a dark olive in my presence so I translated that here but altering the color at the scan stage.  Spindle hole came out fairly easily.