Maze featuring Frankie Beverly – We Are One

Released:  1983
Label:  Capitol Records/EMI


Front cover:  The cover is in decent shape but it did need work.  It has a very sticky long price tag on the right side that I cloned out.  It’s also got some minor ringwear, scratches, and cracks that had to be cloned out.  This took a while.

Sleeve-front:  The sleeve is almost dead-perfect.  I took out two little scratches but this side was very nice.

Sleeve-back:  This one is fairly wrinkled but I got rid of a lot of it by cloning the wrinkling out.  Beyond that, it looks pretty good.

Back cover:  Again, issues with ringwear, scratches, and cracking.  All removed via cloning and this, too, took some time.

Labels:  The labels are pretty decent but my scanner wanted to lighten them up.  I had to adjust that at the scan stage.  It also got the color wrong so that had to be fixed in Photoshop.