Manhattan Transfer – Extensions (MFSL)

Released:  1979 / 1994 (MFSL reissue)
Label:  Atlantic/Rhino Records/MFSL










Front cover:  I am the original owner and I have been very good to this one.  When not being listened to (which is a total and utter pleasure, by the way), it takes up residents in a record sleeve and sits comfortably on a shelf.  It has received the best possible treatment and the results show.  I did absolutely nothing to this.  I just scanned and uploaded it.  They come no easier.    

Gatefold:  All gatefolds present their own challenges and this one was no different.  I got a very nice result which requires manually holding the desired side in place as to get a nice scan.  Closing the lid on it doesn’t work as the section tends to slip.  I also cropped around it as to maximize the text space and eliminate blank areas.  I did this on both sides.  Because I’ve always treated this so well (and because MFSL makes not only great LP’s but also substantial packaging), nothing beyond that was done.  

Back cover:  Again, no reason to do much of anything.  The black band on top has some minor imperfections that I cloned out.  Beyond that, just scanned and uploaded.

MFSL stuff:  The ease had to end somewhere.  The MFSL info is folder-like.  It’s folded on the top and bottom as to hold the LP in place.  The folds are, of course, pretty off which threw me off when I scanned.  I rotated it after the fact just a ½ a degree to make it level.  I did this to both sides.  Also, the black band on the back (“An Audiophile’s Dream…) had many dots that bothered me so I replaced all the black.  It looks exactly as it was intended to look.  Even after these fixes, this one went fairly easily.  See?  It pays to take care of your LP’s.

Labels:  Perfect labels. Just removed spindle hole.  Nice and simple.