Lakeside – Outrageous

Released:  1984
Label:  Solar/Elektra/Asylum Records


Front cover:  This one is its age.  It’s gone a little brown and it’s got some scuffs on it.  No biggie.  First, I removed the color cast to get rid of the slight browning.  Next, used the cloning tool to get rid of the stuffs and the ring wear at the top.  It cleaned up really well.

Gatefold:  This had been closed so the gatefold is in great shape.  I couldn’t convincingly get rid of the folds so I left them in.   

Back cover:  This has some ring wear on the top too but it wasn’t too hard to get rid of it.  Beyond that, not bad at all.

Sleeves:  These had some minor folds in them (as sleeves of this vintage will) but removing the color at the largest size took care of all that.  Such an inventive package!

Labels:  Great labels.  Just removed the spindle hole and that’s it.