Lady Flash – Lady Flash

Released:  1976
Label:  RSO/Polydor Records


Front cover:  Very nice copy but my scanner wanted it darker than it should be.  Easily fixed in Photoshop with a simple brightness adjustment.

Sleeve-1:  Time does what it does and both sides of this sleeve had yellowed – not considerably but they are yellow nonetheless.  A simple “remove color cast” fixed this side.  Then, I removed all the inconsistencies with the “paint bucket” tool when it was at its largest scanned size.  All imperfections disappeared with the exception of just a few that I easily “cloned” out.  As you see, the text was preserved perfectly.  

Sleeve-2:  Same thing here but instead of “remove color cast,” I just copied the color from the first side and used the “paint bucket” here to remove the yellow along with the imperfections.  One less step.  As with the other side, I did have to do some light “cloning” to remove a few creases but this came out looking great.  You can still see some uneven text at the bottom but fixes just aren’t believably so I left it alone.  It’s all still very readable.

Back cover:  …Turns out recycled fibers don’t do the “40 year” thing very well. As a result, the front and back covers were taken from my Japanese mini-LP. It looks exactly the same – right down to the consistency of the paper it’s printed on. You even get the flap. The back had the Japanese release number printed on the very bottom which I removed but, beyond that, no difference whatsoever. I apologize for any perceived artificiality. It wasn’t by choice.

Hype sticker:  Thanks to our friend, Rick-An Ordinary Fool from A&M Corner, we can share this with you.  He scanned this at 600dpi (just like we do).  I took it, cleaned up the edges, and added it here.   Thanks again, Rick!

Labels:  For some reason, there was magic marker that started right near the foot of the cow and it extended in a rectangle right to the left edge of the label.  This was done to both sides.  No clue why that’s there.  There’s no text behind it so I don’t get it.  Anyway, after some careful hand-drawing to fix the cow’s leg, I could “clone” out the rectangular bar that was marring otherwise perfect labels.