John Travolta – Travolta Fever

Released:  1978
Label:  Midsong International Records


Front cover:  Ah, what a joy to have this one here…LOL!!  I know this will shock you but this one was bought sealed (and cheaply) many years ago.  I haven’t played a note from it yet, though I have gone through some of the tunes on YouTube.  I just figured one can’t honestly say they have an album cover website if they don’t have this album gracing its pages.  As for its condition, it was utterly sealed with a cut-out corner above the “r” in “Fever.”  I just cloned in the missing corner from elsewhere on the jacket.  Not a huge deal.

Back cover:  Nearly perfect back.  I did have to go to to steal a Midsong International logo and I retyped the release number using the exact font used on the jacket.  I then did a very slight blur so it would melt into the jacket, thus making it more believable.  I think it’s pretty convincing.

Gatefold:  Again, very good shape.  I even managed to get rid of the fold in the middle with cloning.  I think I got the job done pretty well here.

Poster:  This thing is HUGE.  This was taxing on this poor machine to piece together but I got it done.  It’s three separate pieces of a folded poster with some cloning to make it one large image.  The folds were in inconvenient places so I had to perform major surgery on his face.  I used part of the face from the jacket to cover the fold in the poster itself.  Again, a pretty convincing fix so I settled on it.  Hope you think so too.

Labels:  Pristine labels too.  Just took out the center hole and uploaded.