Joe Jackson – Night and Day

Released:  1982
Label:  A&M Records


Front cover:  This is very well preserved.  I’ve had this for a number of years (not since release) and it’s in really good shape.  I cloned out a few little things and it was yellowed due to age but beyond cloning and adjusting the color in the scan stage, nothing else was done.

Gatefolds:  Both are totally fine.  There’s some minor yellowing but I left it alone because it’s earned.  The band pic was in great shape too.  Mild cloning out to remove some fine scratches but that’s it.

Back cover:  The back is in worse shape, though it’s not awful.  I did have to replace all the color to make it look as it should.  When I did that, it destroyed the A&M copyright lines at the bottom.  As a result, I had to replace them.  I already had the logo from the Human League record I did shortly before this and the text wasn’t hard to replicate either.  I try not to do that but in this case, there simply wasn’t a choice.

Labels:  These labels are in great shape.  Just scanned them and removed the spindle holes.