Jasmine Guy – Jasmine Guy

Released:  1990
Label:  Warner Bros. Records


Front cover:  Oh, You’d think this would have been in great shape.  I bought it “sealed” when it came out.  Sadly, I also played the heck out of it (criminally underrated album, honestly).  It went to DJ gigs with me to as everyone loved “Just Want To Hold You”.  As a result, it has a lot of scratches on it.  I got rid of them but it took an unusually long time to do so.

Sleeves:  I was clearly very careful with these because they’re in great shape.  

Back cover:  The back is somehow in far better shape than the front is.  There were still some scratches and I “cloned” them out just like I did on the front.

Labels:  Perfect labels.  Getting rid of the spindle hole is never fun but it can be done.  As with all Warners labels, I took part of the crest in the upper-left and pasted it into the one in the center.  I then “cloned” around it to remove the lines.  It doesn’t take too long to do and the fixes are totally believable.