James Ingram – It’s Your Night

Released:  1983
Label:  Qwest/Warner Bros. Records


Front cover:  This is a tale of two albums.  The covers are pretty much fine.  Some minor scratches here which were removed with “cloning”.  

Sleeves:  The sleeves were an absolute mess.  The sleeve was well-loved (not by me).  It’s even got tape on all three open sides.  I scanned at high res and removed the color cast to get an idea of what color these sleeves really were.  Once done, I replaced all the color.  The second sleeve has some wavy text on it but it couldn’t be avoided given all the wrinkles on the sleeve itself.  When I got the record, it came with a mylar sleeve which was actually holding the record as the sleeve is no longer up to that task.  The dealer did what he could and things likely would have been worse had he not done that.

Back cover:  This was okay.  There were several folds that went right through the copyright text so I had to completely replace all of that.  The font matches perfectly.

Labels:  The labels are in perfect shape though they are very slightly different colors from each other.  I didn’t try to alter that.  I just removed the spindle holes and that’s it.