Isley Brothers – 3 x 3

Released:  1973
Label:  T-Neck/Columbia/CBS Records


Front cover:  This is one of those that looked better in front of me than it did as a scanned image.  It showed scratches and rub marks that had to be dealt with.  Also had to deal with the scanner deciding on a different color.  No big deal on either of these fronts.  Lots of cloning took care of all the issues.

Gatefold 1:  This was pretty simple as far as gatefolds go.  Both were in great shape.  This one was easy to do.  Just cropped what I needed and that was pretty much it.  I did have to replace to black here because it was slightly worn.

Gatefold 2:  This was a little harder because it was a little off-balance.  Still, not too difficult to fix.  I replaced the black here too just so it’d match.

Back cover:  All I did here was replace the black.  Once that was done, there was nothing else to be done.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape.  The only issue here was the scanner deciding they should be totally red.  In front of me, they’re more a salmon color and that’s what we’ve ended up with.  I just let the scanner do what it does and adjusted in Photoshop.  Spindle removal and they look really nice.