Here’s Johnny – Magic Moments from the Tonight Show

Released:  1974
Label:  Casablanca Special Products



Front cover:  Somehow, this survived pretty well over the years.  Who knows how long I’ve had it?  It did have a very crude cut-out hole (intended for albums that were being blown out by record stores) on the lower right-hand side right over the end of “George Burns” and “Glen Campbell”‘s names.  I found replacement letters and fixed them up.  The scanner also decided this should be darker so I brightened up in Photoshop.

Back cover:  The back had a scratch that ran through the row of photos with Jay Silverheels clear through to Bette Midler.  I “cloned” until I got rid of it.  It also had the corresponding rough cut-out whole on the lower left.  It’s all fixed through “cloning.”  Same scanner issue as above.  Brightened in Photoshop.

Labels:  Pristine labels.  Easily scanned and uploaded.