Herb Alpert – Magic Man

Released:  1981
Label:  A&M Records


Front cover:  There is truly nothing worse than cut-out notches that are in the wrong place.  The one on the record is right in the middle of the “H”.  The first thing I did was look to see if there was another “H” I could appropriate.  Of course, there isn’t.  I came THIS close to asking “Harry” from A&M Corner to scan that piece of his album.  He’s helped us out before on the Rupert Holmes “Partners in Crime” cover in particular.  My solution was the use parts of the “T” to make a new “H”.  It took a while to do but I think it’s pretty transparent.  Oh, and to make this a little worse, the scanner had its own ideas about how this one should look.  I had to fight with it to get the exact shade of the LP as it really is.  Extra note:  Harry has since offered use of the “Herb Alpert” line from his LP.  Unfortunately, the color is pretty different from what’s presented here and it’s a bit different dimensionally somehow.  As I only needed part of the “H”, I merely took the tip of it, pasted it over what I had, resized it to make it fit, colored over the other parts as to make sharper, and cloned around it so the color difference would be eliminated,  Thank you, yet again, Harry!

Back cover:  The scanner was even further off here.  More fighting to get the exact shades.  This album took no prisoners.

Labels:  Pristine labels too.  Better yet, the scanner got them right the first time.  It wasn’t even that hard getting rid of the spindle holes.