Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – Sounds Like…

Released:  1967
Label:  A&M Records


Front cover:  This took forever.  It’s one of those that looks halfway decent when you’re looking at it but when you scan it, all of its imperfections come shining through.  This took a metric ton of cloning work to restore.  I didn’t aim for absolute perfection.  I just wanted to get as close as I could without it looking “restored”.

Sleeves:  Both sleeves were relatively easy, although nailing the color was a real bear.  The scanner wanted something else and I had to fight with it to nail the ochre.  

Back cover:  This is equally trashed.  I ended up replacing all of the white areas automatically and then replacing the trumpet player facing Herb on the left.  He got washed out so he was scanned separately, corrected separately, and then pasted back into the image.  This happens when the white you wish to replace is too close to something you need in the image.  I even restored the grey to the newspaper article.  Because I did all the color replacement at the largest possible size, no text was harmed.  Another trick is that very few album backs are absolute white.  This one isn’t really either.  I have just enough of the original variation on white that I was copy it with the dropper to fix the whole thing.  

Labels:  Even these were hard.  The scanner wanted a different shade of ochre and I had to fight with it.  In fact, I lost the fight and just did it in Photoshop instead.  These labels look just like the ones in front of me.