George Benson – Livin Inside Your Love

Released:  1980
Label:  Warner Bros. Records


Front cover:  This has odd issues.  There are spots all over this.  They aren’t terrible, but they are there and had to be “cloned” out.  I also had the replace the album title text at the top.  It hugs the very edge of the cover and scanning it was too problematic.  I created a new light-tan background, re-typed the text with an exact match, and placed the picture of George in the middle.  It looks even better than the one in front of me but it does look as intended.

Gatefold-1:  This was easily done.  Just scanned it exactly as it is.  It opens large so you can read the text clearly.

Gatefold-2:  Again, easily done.  Didn’t do anything to this either.

Back cover:  The ease continues.  Just scanned and uploaded.  This, too, opens larger for readability.

Labels:  These had gotten really yellow – especially the 2nd label.  “Remove Color Cast” in Photoshop took care of it and they look new here.