Foreigner – “Agent Provocateur”

Released:  1984
Label:  Atlantic Records








Front cover:  I love Hipgnosis.  They did this and Foreigner’s “4” cover.  This is my favorite of the Foreigner covers posted here.  It really catches the eye.  The front of this had seen better days so the black had to be replaced to keep the image as stark as intended.  I also completely re-colored the “F”.

Sleeves:  These sleeves are in nice shape as well.  I did adjust the contrast of the text very slightly as it doesn’t pop so well anymore due to age.

Back cover:  The back had it’s own set of problems as the text was in rough shape.  It had been rubbed off with age.  The white had also taken a beating so the writing was on the wall here.  I replaced all the white areas and recolored the “F”.  I grabbed the Atlantic logo from another album and added it back here.  I then re-typed all the text.  The bar code survived nicely but that’s about it.  

Labels:  The labels are in great shape.  Just scanned and uploaded them.