Force M.D.’s – Chillin’

Released:  1985
Label:  Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records



Front cover:  This isn’t terrible.  It does have both a radio station sticker and a retail sticker on it.  I digitally removed both while leaving them on the actual jacket for sentimental reasons.  The radio station sticker was over Trisco’s fur coat at the bottom-right.  The small retail sticker was just over Stevie’s shoulder – top-right.  Each one removed with careful cloning.

Back cover:  This one was a pain as it’s not in good shape.  There’s a rip right through quite a bit of Side Two’s text and two of the tracks beneath it.  The only solution was to replace the side and track text entirely.  I found a font that was really close and modified it so that it matches exactly.  Then, it was just down to re-typing everything.  If that wasn’t enough, there was also an annoying cut-out notch to deal with.  No big deal to remove it on the first side as the radio station sticker is there and nothing else so it just left with the cloning of Trisco’s jacket.  Sadly, on this side, it was right over some of the light-blue text.  The solution?  Copy and paste some letters in from elsewhere.  It took some time but I defy you to notice.  I did it again in a few more spots.  The only thing you may see are the scratches through “FLYTE TYME PRODUCTIONS”. I did what I could but I just couldn’t get rid of all of it.  Oh well.  At least you can read it now.

Labels:  Thankfully, the labels are in great shape.  I just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.