First Choice – Armed and Extremely Dangerous

Released:  1973
Label:  Philly Groove/Bell Records








Front cover:  Oh, holy stereotype, Batman.  Dig Huggie Bear in the center.  LOL!  I absolutely loved this cover and had to include it.  The music…well…let’s just say anything with Norman Harris’ name on it is a “must buy” in these parts.  Oh, yeah.  The cover was mostly sealed when I got it.  Some of the cellophane was ripped and that’s where it largely shows it’s age.  I cleaned where I could and it looks pretty good here.

Sleeve-front:  I couldn’t do much with these sleeves cosmetically without hurting the integrity of the text.  Besides, I love that it shows it’s age.  It’s as old as I am and it definitely shows here.  I love these vendor sleeves.

Sleeve-back:  Again, back in decent shape except for the yellowing that time creates.

Back cover:  The back had fallen victim to yellowing on the same side the cellophane had been ripped from.  In this case, I was able to fix pretty transparently.

Labels:  Perfect labels as the record had never been played.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole, and uploaded.