Empire Strikes Back – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Released:  1980
Label:  RSO Records











Front cover:  I’ve had this record since the day it came out. Given how cruel I was to LP’s back then, this whole package is in amazing shape. How this escaped abuse is entirely beyond me. Having said that, the cover does have some ringwear that needed addressing so I cloned it out.

Gatefold-left:  The gatefold is just about perfect. Nothing was done other than to scan, join, and upload.

Gatefold-right:  Again, great shape. I did re-proportion slightly as there was a lot of black space around the text that I got rid of. Also, this opens up noticeably larger than the other parts of this so all text is clear.  Just right-click and open it in a new tab or window.

Back cover:  The back of this one is a bit scratched up. Ringwear exists too but I cleaned it all up with cloning.

Labels:  All labels are pristine. The records are too and I have no clue why. The few albums I have left from my childhood – save one other – have fingerprints and scratches all over them. How this one and the other album I’ll post later escaped virtually unharmed is entirely beyond me. As a result, nothing needed to be done.

Booklet:  Another curiosity.  Somehow, the booklet is totally pristine.  I did have to detach it from the gatefold in order to scan it but that was the only difficult thing about scanning it’s pages.