El DeBarge – El DeBarge

Released:  1986
Label:  Gordy/Motown Records








Front cover:  The only thing wrong with this one was a little ring wear.  Beyond that, it’s perfect.  The ring wear was removed via cloning.  Since most of the surface area is black, it was a breeze.  Same with the small cut-out notch on the right side.

Sleeve-front:  This sleeve was well yellowed when I got to it.  Since it was easy for me to fix, I went ahead and did it.  I adjusted the color at the scan stage by taking the yellow out.  I found the balance between yellow and blue just by playing with it.  This is dead on.

Sleeve-back:  Same color adjustments were made on this side too.  Some minor cloning to remove the cut-outs on both sides and that’s it.

Back cover:  Just slight ring wear removed through cloning.  Otherwise, it’s perfect.

Labels:  Great labels.  Just removed spindle hole.  As is always the case with Gordy labels, color adjusted in scan stage as the scanner wants to put this unattractive green hue on it.  It has to be fixed at the scan stage as it can’t be corrected in Photoshop.