Eddie Money – Can’t Hold Back

Released:  1986
Label:  Columbia/CBS Records


Front cover:  This one was weird.  The cover really does look worse in front of me than it does scanned.  How often does THAT happen?  It helped that the scanner wanted this darker than it is so I brightened pretty excessively to achieve the balance as it is in front of me.  When I brightened sufficiently, nearly all of its imperfections vanished – including the yellowing.  How cool!  

Sleeve-front:  The scanner got this all the way wrong, but not as wrong as I did initially.  I didn’t realize the text was blue the first time and got through total restoration on both before I realized it.  Oh well.  I re-did them and now they look as intended.  I also had to do a “remove color cast” to remove the yellowing.  I also applied some scotch tape to the sides of the sleeve years ago and that had to be removed here.  Not difficult at all.

Sleeve-back:  Same issue here.  Minor imperfections cloned out, a little color cast removal, and both sleeves look like new.

Back cover:  More yellowing here, sadly.  I fixed it in the scan stage so I didn’t have to take chances with text.  I also darkened a bit as the scanner wanted this a lot lighter.  

Labels:  Labels are in great shape.  The scanner wanted a less intense color so I fixed at the scan stage and intensified the red further in Photoshop to really get there.