Eddie Kendricks – Vintage ’78

Released:  1978
Label:  Arista Records








Front cover:  This is a mess.  There’s a cut corner on the right side, there are various creases, and, to top it off, there are numerous mysterious black dots all over the top-right side of the jacket.  This took much time to clone out the defects but they’re all gone now.

Sleeve-front:  The brown has been totally replaced here as the sleeve is just too wrinkled to post as is.  When the color was replaced, the lettering shined right through.

Sleeve-back:  This entire back cover is a mock-up.  It was far too creased and wrinkled to fix.  I replaced all the brown, found the identical text, and re-typed every musician’s name.  I did everything I could to avoid this but I had no choice.

Back cover:  The back has it’s own set of challenges.  The cut corner is on the left side this time – practically cutting off the Arista logo.  I had another transparent logo from elsewhere and I brought it over (changing it’s color) so it could be used.  There are many creases here too and they took forever to remove.

Labels:  Thankfully, the labels are really nice.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole, and uploaded.