Donny Hathaway – Extension of a Man (Regular and Quad)

Released:  1973
Label:  ATCO/Atlantic Records










Front cover:  Due to the age of this one and the glossiness, this one required work.  I replaced the color entirely in order to match the actual intent.

Gatefolds:  Minor clean-up done but the inside held up quite well.

Sleeves:  I hyper-corrected here due to the massive yellowing of the sleeve.

Back cover:  Color replaced here as well to more closely match the actual color intended.

Labels:  Labels are in excellent condition.  Just scanned, removed spindle hole, and uploaded.

Quad front cover:  Remove color cast” came in very handy here.  The base underneath is is very brown cardboard and it has begun to bleed through the laminate on the cover.  “Remove color cast” nearly restored the original color of the cover.  Because the cover was off-balance, I also had to completely remove the border and replace it.  That meant replacing the text on the bottom.  The text as added to the bottom is a “dead ringer” for what it replaced.

Quad back cover:  The “browning” was more severe so I couldn’t fix it as completely as I did on the front.  Border replaced and text replaced on the bottom as on the front.

Quad sleeves:  “Remove color cast” worked really well here too.  I also used a “paint bucket” all over it and remove blemishes the paint bucket left behind.  Now, the whole thing looks brand-new.  

Quad labels:  These are in great shape so I just scanned them as they are and removed the spindle hole.