Diana Ross and The Supremes & The Temptations – On Broadway

Released:  1969
Label:  Motown Records










Front covers:  I just found a sealed copy of this one.  I never imagined I’d find one but I did.  My other copy of this is pretty trashed and even though this was sealed, it still has some issues that show themselves on the scanner glass.  I expected I’d find them given that albums that have been sealed this long.  All minor imperfections were removed with “cloning”.  I’m aware that the cover appears off-center.  On top of my other LP, I also have a reel-to-reel copy and all of them are off-center.  I’ve included a properly-centered front cover for those who’d prefer it.  

Gatefold:  The gatefold is in perfect shape.  I couldn’t separate the sides or hide the folds so I didn’t bother.  This is as it really is.  Because the white areas had suffered being sealed up, I did have to replace the white areas.  To do this, I cut out the original white border.  I created a new black file, used the white to color-match, and added the graphic back on top of it.  

Back cover:  Though sealed, the back cover actually had some scrapes that had to be removed.  Many of them in the orange areas an on the group’s pants.  There was also a pretty bad slice that extended from the top of the jacket, through the lettering and Dennis’ head, and went down to his arm.  I removed it through careful cloning.  I was also forced to take an “S” from elsewhere and paste it over the last “S” in Supremes due to wearing.  

Sleeves:  As you can see, these are absolutely pristine.  No air hit them so they’re still white.  Bizarre in a great way.  It looks absolutely new.  I did have to treat a fold in paper which I handled with 3 sheets of card stock inserted into the sleeve prior to scanning.

Labels:  Perfect labels. Just removed spindle hole.  Nice and simple.