Deon Estus – Spell

Released:  1988
Label:  Mika/Polydor/Polygram Records


Front cover:  This was just perfect when I got it a couple of weeks ago.  It even had the shrink-wrap still on it.  I did nothing to this other than to scan it and adjust the brightness a little bit at the scan stage.

Sleeve-front:  The scanner decided this sleeve should have color and they don’t so I took it all out at the scan stage and brightened them up a little.  This side had a few wrinkles but the brightening took them all away.

Sleeve-back:  This side had a few more wrinkles that required mild cloning but this was pretty easy too.

Back cover:  This took a little work to get the color just right but it wasn’t hard.  That and a little cloning on the edges took care of things nicely.  

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  The scanner wanted them brighter but they really look like this.  I know they’re a little bit hard to read but this is how they really look.  I did have problems with the second side because the spindle hole was cut through a couple of the words.  I grabbed the closed paren, reversed it, and pasted it over the open paren to fix that part.  I also grabbed “The” from the other side and pasted that into place too.  I think I took the co-writer’s name from the second side (working too quickly…sorry) and pasted that in as well.  I doubt the alterations can even be seen now.

Hype sticker:  This was in better shape than I thought it would be but I still needed to paint bucket the deep blue back in.  Otherwise, this is as it appears.