Daryl Hall – Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine

Released:  1986
Label: RCA Records


Front cover:  This is in very good shape.  I just scanned it and took out the cut-out notch on the lower-right corner.  The scanner did want the image “hotter” so I had to back that off in the scan stage.

Sleeve-front:  The sleeve is dead perfect.  Just scanned and took out the cut-out notch on the lower-left corner.  No, I have no idea why the cow is there…but you laughed when you saw it like I did, didn’t you?

Sleeve-back:  The art on this album is just amazing.  What a great-looking package.  All the flowers to Paul Allege (photography), Cheryl Winter (tinting…by hand!), and Jeb Brien & Joe Stelmach (direction and design).  This is Grammy-worthy work!  As for my restoration work, the green wouldn’t scan cleanly for some reason so I had to paint bucket the green in after I scanned it.  No text was harmed.  Removal of the cut-out notch on the lower-right corner and I was done.

Comment card:  This is my first time seeing one of these.  I didn’t even realize it was in the album until I heard it rattling around in the jacket (I’ve had the album out since I got it and somehow just missed it).  It’s in perfect shape and it’s a real time capsule of the time it was printed.  Check out the TV shows referenced.  I got a good laugh out of it.  I doubt this needs to be said but please don’t bother trying to fill it out and send it in.  You’ll get it back if you try.

Back cover:  All I had to do here was remove the cut-out notch in the lower-left corner.  Beyond that, it looks great.

Labels:  Even the labels are cool!  RCA spared no expense here.  Coming a little bit after the last hit off of Hall & Oates’ album, “Big Bam Boom,” they just knew they had a hit on their hands.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it did all that well (though “Dreamtime” did).  I don’t think it achieved any certification.  As for my efforts, the scanner had interesting ideas of what these labels should look like and I had to fight it through color adjustment and even histogram adjustment (which I NEVER do.). Still, they came out looking just as they do in front of me.  They look great so it was worth all the trouble.