Daryl Hall – Sacred Songs

Released:  1980
Label:  RCA Records


Front cover:  Okay, the edge of this was impossible to capture properly.  Believe me, I tried.  As a result, only the photo of Daryl is authentic.  I created a new background using the exact color of my jacket and retyped all of the text with the exact same font.  

Sleeve-front:  This is untouched from how it was scanned.  It’s still in very good shape so I left it alone.

Sleeve-back:  This had some wrinkles that had to come out and it was just easier to replace the color so I did that instead.  This photo is the epitome of snark.  The story goes that this record was ready to go two years earlier but RCA wouldn’t put it out so it sat on the shelf until too many people started writing in and asking about it, forcing the release in 1980.  

Back cover:  This is the exact same text and background as the front cover.  I just replaced one photo with another and added the RCA logo.  

Labels:  Labels are in great shape too.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.