Daryl Hall and John Oates – X-Static

Released:  1979
Label:  RCA Records


Front cover:  This one’s not bad.   The edges are very slightly crumpled but that’s it.  The major issue here was that the scanner decided this color should be far richer.  Had to mess with the color in Photoshop to get it to what’s in front of me.

Sleeve-front:  This is another one where the scanner wanted a richer color.  I turned back hard in Photoshop to get the accurate color.  I also did some minor spot cloning to get rid of minor rub marks.

Sleeve-back:  This side is even better than the front is.  Very minor cloning to clean up and that’s it.

Back cover:  This one has a long scratch running through two song titles but I got rid of it through cloning.  Beyond that, not bad at all.

Fan club insert:  The only issue here is that the insert had gone brown.  We are talking 44 years ago so that makes total sense.  Good news is that the insert is entirely black and white so all I had to do was remove the color and it came right back to its former glory.  That’s the only issue here.

Labels:  Labels are absolutely perfect.  Just removed the spindle hole for each one and that’s it.