Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Released:  2013
Label:  Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment
























Front cover:  This set was brand new when I scanned it.  I’d had it for roughly three hours at this point.  Obviously, it’s totally pristine.

Gatefold:  There was absolutely nothing I could do to remove the creases as they are right in the middle of the modular synthesizer so I only removed the black parts below the instrument.

Back cover:  Again, back in great shape.

Promo sticker:  Here’s the sticker from the front of the album.  It’s in great shape.

Booklet:  This is a link for the booklet.  Just click it and it will open.  It is large so don’t be afraid to enlarge it when you open it if you need to.

Download card-front:  These LPs come with a link to a download of the full album so you add the songs to your portable listening device. They are high-quality mp3 files (320 kbps, if you’re curious) and they sound quite good.

Download card-back:  Of course, one download per album.  I pixellated the code.  In truth, it’s useless anyway as I’ve already used it to download it for the car.

Labels:  Brand new record, brand new labels.  I love that they used the ’80’s version of the Columbia label for this.  Very cool.  I actually gave this set away to a friend and I bought a limited edition box set of this with a lot more in it.  Scanning it all is one very daunting task but I’ll get to it.  You’ll at least see the labels sooner than later.

Box set cover:  This is from the aforementioned box set I obtained.  It’s in perfect shape.  Just put it on the scanner and scanned it.

Labels:  Well, this was interesting.  The gold labels were fairly scannable and they’re perfect so they were just scanned, de-spindled, and uploaded.  The silver labels absolutely would not scan.  Too reflective.  I had to take pics of them, import the photographs, clean, remove spindle holes, and upload.  If you look at them, you’ll probably be able to see the difference.  I figured it was better to show them than to just leave them out.

Interview disc-front:  This is a 10-inch disc containing more of the Giorgio Moroder interview.  It’s about a half hour in total and it’s really good.  Here’s it’s cover.

Labels:  These were harder to do than you might imagine.  Both labels had messy spindle holes and center mounds that had to be cleaned up.  They both took some time to do.  

Film cells:  These were actually used in the “Lose Yourself To Dance” video.  Each box set got three of them and these are the three I got.  They didn’t scan well so I propped them up in front of my white-screened monitor and photographed them for inclusion here.

Helmets:  Yep, helmets.  These are a bunch of plastic sheets that, when stacked together, reveal some schematic of their helmets.  They’re fun and I’m glad they’re here.  They hadn’t been touched until I scanned them so they’re in great shape.