Chuckii Booker – Chuckii

Released:  1990
Label:  Atlantic Records/WEA


Front cover:  This is another one that was harder than I thought it’d be.  It had a lot of small scratches and they all had to.  It also had a cut-out notch on the upper left-hand side.  No biggie here.  I would pay dearly on the back.

Atlantic sleeve:  I didn’t do much to fix this.  I kinda just left this as it actually is.  It’s in very good shape.

Back cover:  This was just painful.  Lots of scratches had to go.  Worse yet, that cut-out notch got some of the text in the “thank you”s.  I replaced “and the” next to where he thanks Darnell White.  I also replaced other letters nearby that got damaged.  I didn’t retype them; I grabbed them from elsewhere.  Thankfully when it came to “and the”, that phrase appeared elsewhere so I just lifted it and pasted it over the wreckage.  All of this took a while.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape.  Just removed the spindle hole, scanned, and uploaded.