Chuck Mangione – Feels So Good

Released:  1977
Label:  A&M Records








Front cover:  This one has a cut-out notch on the right side but it isn’t near anything so it was easy to clone out.  The cover is in great shape so no need to do much.

Sleeve-front:  The sleeve is completely off-balance so that had to be fixed.  I tried cloning out the wrinkles but that didn’t work so I had to do total color replacement.  The text stood up to it so the results are pretty good.

Sleeve-back:  I removed the wrinkles I could remove and left the others.  No way to replace color here.

Back cover:  The back of this was oddly difficult.  For whatever reason, this scanned a slightly different color than it really is so I had to re-balance it which took some time.  Again, the cut-out notch isn’t near anything so not hard to clone out.  Check out the credit at the very bottom.  Hilarious stuff.

Labels:  Labels are in great shape so little done.  The spindle hole took a second because of the gradient but it’s gone for both sides.