Carpenters – With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Released:  2018
Label:  A&M Records/Universal Music Group Recordings



Front cover:  The lower-right side was quite crushed which, of course, messes with the gold border.  As a result, I had to completely reconstruct it.  It came out looking dead perfect but it took a lot of time to make that happen.  First, I used the “clone” tool to fix the crushed right side.  Next was using the same tool to remove the entirety of the original border.  I found a simple border online without much trouble.  Once I dragged it into Photoshop, I hollowed it out with the selection tool until it was the identical thickness of the original.  I then used the ‘paint bucket” feature to change the color to gold.  Getting the right thickness took some time but I got there.  

Gatefold-Left:  The only issue here was that the scanner didn’t want to saturate this enough.  Once fixed at the scan stage, this went fairly easily.  I did have to deal with the corresponding crushed corner as well.  It’s not dead perfect but it’s as close as I could get it and it’s nearly there.  If I didn’t mention it, I doubt you’d know it was there.

Gatefold-Right:  Same saturation issue here but the crushed area had no text in it so this was easier to deal with.

Hype Sticker:  This was fairly simple.  Hype stickers do tend to suffer but this one looks dead perfect.  This was the only part of this album that was easy to work on.

Promo sheets:  These were supplied by the amazing “ChrisCarpenterCollector” at A&M Corner.  I did have to cut them down to size and rotate each one slightly but beyond that, they look great.  Thanks so much, Chris!

Back cover:  Again, the crushed corner claimed the life of the original border so this also has the reconstructed one – using the methods as described above.  There were no other difficulties.

Labels:  The labels cleaned up easily but even these had problems.  The area around the spindle area needed work.  In all cases, the label was somewhat torn.  That was all fixed with “cloning.”