Brandy – Never Say Never

Released:  1998
Label:  Atlantic Records/WEA


Front cover:  This album posed a real problem for me for a while.  See, it looks great here.  It doesn’t even look bad in my hand.  However, the thing that isn’t immediately apparent is how hard to scan it is.  The cover has this metallic sheen to it on the front and back that I just couldn’t get the better of.  It took some time to figure out how to handle it.  My first stab at this was about a month and a half ago.  I couldn’t get it right so I gave up.  I wasn’t frustrated or anything; I just figured this would be one I couldn’t make happen.  Then, a few days ago, I decided to try again.  I’m using slightly new scanning software and that made the difference.  I had greater control and the result isn’t as flat as it had been before.  This is really how the album looks in my hands.  Thank goodness I got it.  Whew!

Lyric sheet-1:  This sheet is in perfect shape.  All I did was scan it.  No issues whatsoever.

Lyric sheet-2:  None here either.  Incidentally, these are scanned at 1700 x 1700  at 1200 dpi so if you open them in a new tab, you’ll be able to read them very easily.

Back cover:  Again, all the same issues as the front but I got the better of them here.  Both sides needed some cloning to get rid of minor cracks and ring wear.

Labels:  All labels are pristine.  All I had to do was remove the spindle holes, scan, and upload.